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This is no longer the AFCSH website!
All my work was for nothing and the money I spent! WTF no need at all.

Welcome to Tinychat, Simply enter a room name or add your own for an instant chat room!

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UPDATE! To use YouTube videos then use Firefox or Edge browsers,
These have been tested and the videos play unlike on Chrome, This is only for users that are using Tinychat on my websites!

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This website allows you to create your own instant chat rooms with Camera/Mic of up to 12 people,
It also has YouTube so you can play your videos, There are also hundreds of registered chat rooms that you can visit and they normally contain and average of 25 chatters,
Simply enter your room name in to the form below or click one of the selected rooms below that and they will automatically load,
The chat rooms run using HTML5 WebRTC (Web-sockets) meaning the messages are sent in real time,
If you have any question/room requests/feature requests/background image requests/issues/complaints then click on the contact button and let me know, If it's an issue then please provide me with as much information as possible i.e.: Browser/Operating System (OS)/System Protection Software(Norton,AVG), Anyway I hope you enjoy the website!